On this page we give an overview of the tests currently included in the ANDI-database.


Total number of participants: 16,198

Memory tests: Auditory Verbal Learning Test, Rivermead Beaviour Memory Test.

Working Memory tests: Trail Making Test, Stroop color word test.

Fluency tests: Letter Fluency, Category Fluency.

Cognitive Screening tools: Mini-Mental State Examination.

Language tests: Boston Naming Test


Donations received:

Number of donations: 84

Total number of participants: 26,939

Memory tests: Auditory Verbal Learning Test, Selective Reminding Test, Benton Visual Retention Test, Rivermead Behaviour Memory Test, Rey Complex Figure Task, Location Learning Test, Wechsler Memory Scales (III & R).

Working Memory tests: Trail Making Test, Stroop color word test, Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test.

Executive Functions tests: Letter Fluency, Category Fluency, (Modified) + Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome, Tower of London, Brixton Spatial Anticipation Test, Ruff Figure Fluency Test.

Perception Tests: Benton Judgement of Line Orientation, Benton Face Recognition Task, Bourdon Wiersma Test, Bourdon Vos Test.

Motor and Praxis tests: Grooved Pegboard Test.

(Premorbid) intelligence estimates: Dutch Adult Reading Test, Raven Advanced Progressive matrices, Raven Coloured Progressive Matrices, Raven Standard Progressive Matrices, WAIS (-NL, -R, -III, -IV), Groninger Intelligence Test (1, 2).

Language Tests: Boston Naming Test, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (III), Token Test.

Questionnaires: Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale, RAND Mental Health Inventory, Becks Depression Inventory, Hopkins Symptoms Checklist – 25, Profile of Mood States, The Symptom Checklist – 90, Utrechtse Coping Lijst.

Cognitive Screening Tools: Mini-Mental State Examination, Clock Drawing.