Frequently Asked Questions

1) Use of the ANDI tool.

Who can have access to the ANDI tool?
At this moment only people with an email address from a Dutch or Flemish University, Hospital or Revalidation center have access to the ANDI tool. If you do not automatically get access to the ANDI tool but want to request access you can do so by sending an e-mail through our contact form.

Where can I find more information about the ANDI normative sample?
More information about the normative data behind ANDI can be found in the background documentation. You can download pdf from the ‘publications’ page on this website.

Do I need to recode my data so the scores that indicate a low cognition are also low scores?
For some variables, such as timed variables, a high score indicate a low cognition. You do not need to recode these variables. ANDI does this for you. The output in ANDI (such as graphs) always show a good score as a high score and a poor score as a low score.

2) General questions about ANDI.

How do I donate to the ANDI project?
We are very happy when you are considering donating your control data to our project.
You can contact us through the “contact” form and we will send you a file describing how we would prefer to receive your data.

How do I become a member of the ANDI consortium?
When you donate data to the project you automatically become a member of the ANDI consortium.
If you wish, we can place your name and affiliates on our website under “consortium”.
Please inform us of the way you want your information placed on our webpage.

I have an idea for the ANDI database.
We are always keen on hearing your idea’s and suggestions for the ANDI database.
You can contact us using the “contact” form on this webpage.