ANDI stands for Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure and is a new web-based platform for neuropsychological assessment. The ANDI project is an initiative of the University of Amsterdam and the neuropsychological research community in the Netherlands and Belgium. The project started in August 2013 and is sponsored by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).


Our aim is to improve neuropsychological assessment in clinical practice and research. To achieve this we:

  • Collect normative data from a large number of existing research projects
  • Analyze the data and integrate the results in a database
  • Provide multi-test evaluation with modern multivariate statistical tools
  • Facilitate neuropsychological assessment with a web-based interface
  • Support both qualified clinical practitioners and behavioral researchers

Multi-test evaluation and diagnosis

At the moment, neuropsychological tests are typically stand-alone instruments. Brain diseases and psychiatric disorders, however, reveal themselves in through multiple behavioral symptoms. This implies that the diagnostic and evaluative tasks must combine several different tests results. Better diagnoses could be achieved, if we had norms for combinations of diagnostic tests. Modern statistical methods can solve the multivariate problems involved in deriving such norms. These methods require a large database of neuropsychological tests. The ANDI project maintains such a database and will provide a platform for online multi-test evaluation.

We welcome contributions to the database

Data that would go into such a database already exist, but are stored away in the archives of researchers that have been collecting these in the past decades. Many of these have now contributed data to the ANDI project. You can too, by also joining the ANDI consortium and providing neuropsychological test data. The data contributed so far allow us to start building the infrastructure, but more data would be very much appreciated. Data contributions will be formally acknowledged on the Contributors page.

Dutch and international data

Although the ANDI project currently focuses on Dutch and Flemish (Belgian) data, we are planning international to broaden the scope of the project to other languages in the near future. For this, we welcome suggestions and collaborations from abroad.